Nitai haArbeli

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Nitai haArbeli
Nitai haArbeli
ניתאי הארבלי
Other Names:
Nittai of Arbela, Mattai of Arbela
A Jewish leader in Macabeen times belonging to the second pair of Zugot.

Nitai haArbeli was Av Bais Din or vice president of the Sanhedrin following the Macabeen revolt, in the latter half of the 2nd century BCE. Nitai origonated from the city of Arbel and together with the Nasi Yehoshua ben Perachya formed the second pair of Zugot. They were both students of Yossi ben Yoezer‎ and Yossi ben Yochanan. Their students included Shimon ben Shetach and Yehuda ben Taboy. Nitai haArbeli is buried in Arbel, Northern Israel.

[edit] Teachings

Nitai haArbeli is known for his teachings in the first chapter of Avos. He says "Distance yourself from a bad neighbor, do not join a wicked person and do not despair from retribution". His teaching lining up with the treason of King Yani to the Perushim and his massacre of the Sages.

  • Avoid Bad Neighbors

Stay away from bad neighbors to avid learning from their actions and getting afflicted along with them as they are punished.

  • Detach from the Wicked

Do not befriend the wicked, even if you do not act like the them, it is impossible that it will not effect you in some way.

  • No Despair From Retribution -

Although the wicked might seem to go unpunished, living wealth affluent lives, this is only temporary and suddenly their punishment will fall upon them.

[edit] Nitai haArbeli

Nitai haArbeli is buried in Arbel.

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