Rav Ada Saba

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Rav Ada Saba
Rav Yeva Saba the Amora
רב אדא סבא
Other Names:
Rav Ada the Elder
Adda, Sava, Saba, Sabba
A 5th generation Amora buried outside the Tomb of the Rashbi in Meron.

Rav Ada Saba was a fifth generation Babylonian Amora and a great grandson of Shmuel. His father was Rav Mari a son of Issur the convert and Rachel a daughter of Shmuel. Rav Ada inherited wealth from his father and lived to an old age, hence his name Rav Ada the Elder.

[edit] Splitting Inheritance

Rav Mari inherited great wealth from his father using loopholes since Halachicly Issur was not considered his father, having converted only after his conception. When Rav Mari passed away, Rav Ada and his brother Mar Zutrah divided the inheritance amongst themselves without the presence of any witnesses. They approached Rav Ashi asking if the transaction was valid since Halachically witness are required at the dividing of an inheritance. Rav Ashi replied this law was only created for dishonest people and did not apply in the case of these two respectable and upstanding brothers.

[edit] Kever Rav Ada Saba

Rav Ada Saba according to some opinions is buried right outside the entrance to the Tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai in Meron. Other sources attribute this kever to Rav Yeva Saba the Amora, making the location of kever Rav Ada Saba unknown.

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