Rabbi Matya ben Charash

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Rebbe Masya ben Charash
Rabbi Yosef Ochayon
רבי מתיא בן חרש
Masya, Matya, Mattia, Matteya ben Heresh, Charesh, Cheresh
Eilabun, Israel
Third generation Tana living in Rome, renown for guarding his eyes from impurity.

Rabbi Matya ben Charash was a third / fourth generation Tana born in Eretz Yisroel that relocated to Rome where he established a major Yeshiva. He was a very holy Tzadik and is often used as the prime example for Shmirat Enayim.


[edit] Rome

[edit] First Attempt

Following the failed Bar Kochva rebellion and resulting Roman prosecutions, Rabbi Mattia ben Charash along with Rabbi Yonatan, Rabbi Yehuda ben Betara and Chanaya decided to leave Eretz Yisroel and settle in exile since it became hard to keep the Torah under these circumstances. When they reached Paltom they remembered Eretz Yisroel and began weeping and tearing their garments. Based on their interpittion of a Torah verse they decided that remaining in Eretz Yisroel was more important then the observance of all the Mitzvot. They turned back, although at a later point three of the four did end up moving to Diaspora.

[edit] Teachers and Friends

Rabbi Masya ben Charash studied under Rabbi Eliezer, Rabbi Yishmoel and Rabbi Elazar ben Azarya. While in Eretz Yisroel he was friends with Rabbi Yonatan, Rabbi Yoshia, Rabbi Yehuda ben Betara and Chanaya the nephew of Rabbi Yehoshua.

[edit] Teachings

  • Be the first to extend greetings to anyone you meet.
  • Rather be a tail to lions than a head to foxes.
  • A person who is bitten by a rabid dog can be fed the dog's liver as a cure, although it is not kosher.
  • If a person has pain in his throat, it is permitted to put medicines into his mouth on Shabbot due to the possible danger to his life.
  • Anything that threatens to endanger life supersedes the observance of Shabbot.

[edit] Kever Rabbi Matya ben Charash

Rabbi Mattia ben Charash is buried right above the arab occupied village of Eilabun. It is a segula to visit the Kever for eye problems.

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