Rav Yeva Saba DeMishpatim

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Rav Yeva Sava
Rav Yeva Saba of Zohar
רב ייבא סבא דמשפטים
Yava, Sava, Saba, Sabba
Other Names:
Rav Yeva Saba the Tana, Rav Yeva Saba from the Zohar, the Supernal Lion, Rav Yeva the Elder
A Tana mentioned in the Zohar who is buried in Baal Shem Tov forest near Ein Zetim.

Rav Yeva Saba was a Tana who moved from Bavel to Eretz Yisroel and is mentioned a few times in the Zohar, especially in Parshas Mishpatim. In that incident, Rebbe Yossi and Rebbe Chiya meet an apparently ignorant elderly man who seems to be uttering foolish statements but then goes on to reveal deep Kabalistic mysteries regarding the Nefesh and reincarnations. Only at the end do they realize this elder is non other then the great Rav Yeva Saba. In reference to this incident Rav Yava is named 'Saba DeMishpatim'. His school authored the book of 'Safra dBai Rav Yeva Saba' that is quoted a few time in the Zohar. Rabbi Shimon bar Yochi praised Rav Yeva calling him a "mighty strong supernal lion to whom a number of warriors are considered nothing".

[edit] Kever of Rav Yeva Saba the Tana

Rav Yeva Saba the Tana is buried in the Baal Shem Tov Forest under Ein Zeitim in the vicinity of Safed. In Meron right outside the Tzion of the Rasbi, there is a kever marked as belonging to Rav Yeva Saba, this is a different Rav Yeva, an Amora and a student of Rav.

Rabbi Chaim Vital describes the rough location of Kever Rav Yeva Saba as it was revealed to him by the holy Arizal. It is described in correlation to his previous description of Kever Rebbe Shimon ben Minasya. Shar Roach Hakodesh ends off by saying that it is under a singular boulder on top of the mountain with a flat area by it.

In recent times the exact location was unknown. Yisroel Meir Gabbai and Ohali Tzadikim based on their research and their version of Kever Rebbe Shimon ben Minasya, marked a large boulder that has a flat vertical side and a relatively flat area in front of it as the Kever.

[edit] Oriah Hakohen

Rabbi Chaim Vital writes that 100 meters east from Kever Rav Yeva Saba is the the Kever of Oriah Hacohen. No exact location has been determined for this Kever.

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