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Elkana HaNavi
Elkana HaNavi
אלקנה הנביא
Other Names:
Ish HaElokim
An early prophet and father of Shmuel HaNavi.

Elkana was a Levite and father of Shmuel Hanavi. Elakan himself was a Navi and is identified as being the anonymous prophet that prophesied to Eli Hakohen about his punishment and the severance of his family. He lived three generations before the building of the first temple. Elkana started a fourth Aliya Laregel on Rosh Hashanah aside from the regular three holidays. Each Rosh Hashana he traveled up to Shilo with his family using a different rout. Each year more and more people would see and join, until the entire nation joined the Rosh Hashana Kibutz.

[edit] Family

Elkana lived in Ramasaim Tzofim in Har Efraim. His father was Yerucham son of Eliyhue son of Tocho son of Tzuf.

[edit] Wives

Elkana had two wives, Chana and Penina. Originally Chana was barren and only Penina had children. He liked more Chana despite her being childless and would give her a double portion of food during the holidays.

[edit] Kever Elkana Hanavi

Elkanah is buried in the village of Kadita along side the Amorah Rebbe Bena. A traditional location for his Kever has long been recognized and built up. Recently Yisroel Meir Gabbi and his organization Ohali Tzadikim claimed that based on his research of the area and descriptions of early pilgrims to the grave, that the true Kever is a few dozen meters away from the currently identified location. It seems that the Kadmonanue version is the correct one.

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