Yael Wife of Chever HaKeini

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Yael was the wife of Chever HaKeini, a decedent of Yisro who had separated from the remainder of his tribe who lived in Yericho and resettled in Kodesh. During the war with the Canaanite, Yoel tricked and then killed their head general Sisro. When Barak ben Avinoam requested that Devorah HaNevia come with him to battle, it was decreed that the final victory would come through the hands of a woman. Yoel merited to have this salvation come through her since she was a righteous woman that was submissive to her husband. Additionally the merit of Yisro having welcomed Moshe into his home, allowed this salvation to arise from his descendant.

[edit] Kever Yael Chever HaKeini

Yael Chever HaKeini is buried in Kodesh Naftali near the kivarim of Barak and Devorah.

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