Ein Lior Mayan

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Mayan Ein Lior
Mayan Ein Lior.
מעיין עין ליאור
Ein Zeitim
Stream used as a Mikva on the side of the 8900 near Tzfat.

Mayan Ein Lior is located in Ein Zetim alongside the 8900 road heading from Tzfat towards the Ein Zetim intersection. It is often used as a Mikva on the way to Kevrei Tzadikim, especially Rebbe Yehuda bar Iloy who's tomb is located further down the road. Mayan Ein Lior was renovated in memory of Lior Dahan who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea off the cost of Caesarea, by his friends. The basin of the Mayan built for immersion is roughly 3x5 meters wide and 100 cm deep. It can be assumed the stream was used historically by residents of Ein Zeitim for ritual immersions and as a source of water.

[edit] Directions

Geographic Coordinates

  • Latitude: 32.977013
  • Longitude: 35.497782

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