Rav Dimi from Naharda

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Rav Dimi of Naharda
Rav Dimi from Naharda
רב דימי מנהרדעא
Demei, Dimei
A 4th generation Babylonian Amora from the Sages of Naharda.

Rav Dimi from Naharda was fourth generation Babylonian Amora mentioned a few times throughout the Talmud. Once he was humiliated by Rav Ada bar Aba who also caused him to not be able to sell the dates he was offering. Rav Dimi complained to Rav Yosef who spoke then spoke harshly about Rav Ada bar Aba who ended up passing away as a result of this incident. Rav Dimi of Naharda was a total and complete reincarnation of Chizkiya King of Yehuda with no external mixtures. He specialized in the Mitzvot of accompanying guests and accompanying the dead.

[edit] Incident of the Figs

Rav Dimi from Naharda imported a boat of dried figs and requested that the Resh Galusa grant him a licence of a Torah scholar, making him its sole distributor until his merchandise sold out. Rava was sent by the Resh Galusa to check is Rav Dimi was indeed a Torah scholar. Rava appointed Rav Ada bar Ahava to carry out the actual task. He went ahead and asked Rav Dimi obscure questions that he was unable to answer and therefore was not granted the licence, causing his business venture to fail. Rav Dimi complained to Rav Yosef, leading him to curse the person responsible, which caused the death of Rav Ada bar Ahava.

[edit] Kever Rav Dimi from Naharda

According to Rabbi Chaim Vital in the name of the Arizal, Rav Dimi from Naharda is buried in a cave in Ovnit along with Abaya and Rava. In recent times this cave was identified as being right below Kever Rabbi Yehuda Nesiah. Yisorel Meir Gabbai and Ohalei Tzadikim dispute the location saying this cave does not fit the description of Rabbi Chaim Vital. Instead they place these Kivarim in a cave inside the army base that was sealed up during its construction. Although the cave is inaccessible, there is a point outside the fence of the army base around 30 meters away from the entrance of the sealed cave. Best time to visit this location is Sunday mornings when the army base is relatively empty.

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