Rabbi Yossi Haglili

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Rebbe Yose HaGelili
Rabbi Yossi Haglili
רבי יוסי הגלילי
Rebbe Yose HaGelili, Yosi HaGelili, HaGilili, Jose the Galilean
Dalton, Israel
15th of Av
Third generation Tana counted amongst the Sages of Yavneh.

Rabbi Yossi Haglili was a third generation Tana and one of the Sages of Yavneh. He spent his early life in the Galil, for a time mentoring a young Rabbi Eleazar ben Azariah. In his elder years he came to the academy of Yavneh and was immediately accepted by the Sages due to his great knowledge. He had a nasty wife whom he divorced but continued to support her out of mercy when she reached difficult times. Rabbi Yossi Haglili is buried in the Dalton, Northern Israel.


[edit] Leader in the Galilee

[edit] Rabbi Eleazar ben Azariah

When the havoc of the destruction of Yerushalaim was taking palce during the Great Revolt, Rabbi Azaria fled to the North along with his young son Elazar. In the North Elazar studied under Rabbi Yossi Haglili. When he noticed how his teacher was tormented by his nasty wife, he helped pay for their divorce.

When things settled down Elazar and his father headed back to the Yavneh area. Rabbi Eleazar ben Azariah eventually became appointed as Nasi when Rabbi Gamliel was removed from his position. Through this ordeal and for many years after Rabbi Yossi Haglili remained situated in the North. It is for this reason that Rabbi Elazar, his younger student is counted amongst the second generation of Tanaim, while Rabbi Yosi is counted amongst the third generation. This is because Rabbi Yossi Haglili did not arrive in Yavne until his old age and it was during that period that he had his main interactions with the Sages.

[edit] Yavneh

Rabbi Yossi Haglili came to Yavne and since he was not recognized by the Sages due to having spent his entire life in the North, was given a status of a student. Soon he proved himself in front of Rabbi Tarfone and Rabbi Akiva.

[edit] Bringer of Rain

Rabbi Yossi Haglili is used as the prime example in the Talmud of the righteous elder that would pray for rain during years of drought. When the sins of the nation would cause a drought, they would approach the elder Rabbi Yossi Haglili and he would pray for them, causing rain to come down. For years there was a custom in Tzfas when they prayed for rain at the local Kevarim and were not answered, they would travel to Dalton and pray at the kever of Rabbi Yossi Haglili and would immediately be answered.

[edit] Teachings

Rabbi Yossi Haglili is mentioned 25 times in the Mishna.

[edit] Rebuked by Bruria

Rabbi Yossi Haglili was traveling and reached a crossroad, he asked a passing woman who happened to be Bruria wife of Rebbe Meir "Which way goes to Lud". She responded by rebuking him for speaking excessively to a woman, saying he should have instead asked "Which to Lud".

[edit] Family

[edit] Wife

Rabbi Yossi Haglili's wife would constantly torment him, however he was unable to divorce her since he could not afford to pay the Ketuba. His student Rabbi Elazar ben Azarya saw his teacher was being degraded and offered to pay the Ketuba. Rabbi Yossi Hagleli took his offer and divorced his wife.

His ex-wife went ahead and remarried the wealthy guard of the city. Eventually her new husband lost his wealth and became blind. He would then force her to walk him to all the doorsteps to collect money. Once they went through the entire city but did not receive any money. When asked by her husband if there were any other neighborhoods they did not try, she confessed that she left out Rabbi Yossi's neighborhood out of embarrassment. Her husband forced her to take him there, beating her on the way. Rabbi Yossi Haglili heard the commotion and stepped out. When he saw his ex-wife's treatment he took the couple and let them live in once the houses he owned, supporting them for the remainder of their lives. People walking by the house would hear her grumbling how she preferred to have her body beaten rather then deal with the embarrassment of being supported by her ex husband Rabbi Yossi.

[edit] Children

His children included Rabbi Eliezer, Rabbi Shmuel and Rabbi Chanina.

[edit] Kabbalistic Reincarnations

According to the Arizal, Rabbi Yossi Haglili is from the left Payah of the head of the Partzuf emanating from the left shoulder in the Partzuf of the root of Kayin. In 'Sodey Raza' it reveals that Rabbi Yossi Haglili was a spark of Dovid ben Yeshi.

[edit] Kever Rabbi Yossi Haglili

Rabbi Yossi Haglili is buried on the top of the mountain behind the village of Dalton. On the summit of the mountain there is a built tomb, slightly under it is the cave of Rabbi Yossi Haglili where he is most likely buried, the tomb built later to mark the overhead location. Somewhere in the immediate vicinity is the kever of Rabbi Eliyahu Gaon, Rosh Yeshiva of Goan Yackov the Yeshiva of Eretz Yisroel during the era of the Geonim. It is very likely that he was buried alongside Rebbe Yossi in the cave in the adjacent burial spot. Rabbi Eliezer (Yishmoel), son of Rabbi Yossi Hagelili is buried on the foot of the mountain and it is very likely that a second son, Rabbi Shmuel is buried in one of the caves halfway down.

[edit] Hillulah of Rabbi Yossi Haglili

The Yortzite Mesorati created for Rabbi Yossi Haglili by the residents of Dalton is on the 15th of Av, Tue Bav.

[edit] Directions

Geographic Coordinates

  • Latitude: 33.024300
  • Longitude: 35.497310

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