Rabbi Avraham Chazan

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Reb Avraham ben Haran
Reb Shimshon Barski
רבי אברהם חזן
Other Names:
Rabbi Abraham Chazan, Rabbi Avraham ben Haran, Rabbi Avraham bar Nachman, RAVa"N, Reb Avraham ben Reb Nachman Halevi.
Uman, Ukraine
29th of Kislev
Leading Breslov chasid at the turn of the 20th century.

Rabbi Avraham Chazan was a leading Breslov chasid at the start of the 20th century. He was the son of Rabbi Nachman of Tulshin one of the main students of and public successor of Rebbe Nasson of Breslov. Rabbi Avraham bar Nachman authored 'Kochevi Ohr' expanded stories of Rebbe Nachman and Rebbe Nason and 'Biur Halekutim' a commentary on Likutay Maharan. After moving to Yerushalaim, Eretz Yisroel in 1894, Rabbi Avraham would travel annually to the Rosh Hashana Kibutz in Uman. In 1914 he was forced to remain in Russia due to the outbreak of World War I. He lived there until his passing in 1917 and burial in Uman, Ukraine.

[edit] Kever Reb Avraham bar Nachman

Rabbi Avraham Chazan is buried in the newer Jewish cemetery of Uman near the Kever of Rabbi Shimshon Barsky and the mass grave of the 3,000 Jews that were murdered by locals during the 1919 Uman massacre. Unfortunately the entire cemetery was razed during the period of WWII and the following communist regime. Ohali Tzadikim an organization run by Yisroel Meir Gabbai researched the location of his grave and built a Tzion in the approximate location based on testimony of elderly locals. This tzion also serves as a matzavah for Rabbi Elyakim Getzel who was buried on his side. Many people visit the tomb when they are in Uman for the Rosh Hashana Kibutz.

[edit] Hillulah of Rabbi Avraham Chazan

The yahrzeit of Reb Avraham Chazan is on the 29th of Kislev.

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