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Devorah HaNeviah was a woman prophet during the age of the Shoftim. Together with her husband Barak ben Avinoam, she rescued the Jewish Nation from their Canaanite oppressors and led them for 40 years. Devorah HaNevia would judge people while sitting under a palm tree. She is well known for the song of praise she sang to Hashem after the war, which is referred to as Shirat Devorah. Devorah is buried in Kodesh, Northern Israel.


[edit] Barak ben Avinoam

Devorah HaNevia was married to Barak ben Avinoam was also known as Lapidos due to his custom of preparing and providing lanterns for places of Torah study to enable studying at night. He spent years serving and assisting the Elders that came after Yehoshua. These great merits brought them together despite Devorah having attained much higher spiritual levels then her husband. When Devorah reached the level of prophesy, she separated from her husband for a period that lasted forty years.

[edit] Tomar Devora

Devorah HaNevia used to sit under a palm tree located in-between the Rama and Bet El, when speaking to the people who came to her for advice. This was done to avoid being placed into situations of Yichud.

[edit] War of Sisro

Devorah appointed her separated husband as general based on a prophetic command. Barak refused to go to war without her so in merit of her and the holy spirit that rested on her he would be spared of harm.

[edit] Kever Devorah HaNevia

Kever Devorah HaNevia is located in Kodesh Naftali in the Northern end of Israel in a large stone coffin.

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