Cave of Eliyahu

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The Cave of Eliyahuis located on the slope of Mount Carmel in Chaifa. It was here the Elyahu HaNavi would spend days and weeks doing Hisbodedute and practicing the esoteric meditations needed to attain prophecy. It is for this very reason that he choose to preform the great showdown with the prophets of the baal on the top of this very mountain.

Throughout history many great Sages traveled to this holy location including Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. Today Meoras Eliyahu is visited by many, who pray their for salvation.

[edit] Other Caves of Eliyahu

There are two other caves of Eliyahu that are mentioned in the Navi. One where Eliyahu hid when he ran away from Ezevel near Nachal Kris and one where on Har Sini where he experienced huge dive revelations.

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