Rabbi Shimon ben Netanel

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Rebbe Shimon ben Nesanel
Rabbi Shimon ben Netanel
רבי שמעון בן נתנאל
Netanel, Nesanel, Nitanel, Nisanel, Simon
Tveria or Alma
A 2nd generation Tana and a student of Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai.

Rabbi Shimon ben Nesanel was a Kohen and one of the five main students of Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakki and a son in law of Rabbi Gmaliel the Elder. He is famous for his quote in Maseches Avos.


[edit] Student of Rabbi Yochanan

Rabbi Yehoshua ben Chananya was one of the five main students of Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai which included Rabbi Eliezer ben Hurkenus, Rabbi Elazar ben Arach, Rabbi Yehoshua ben Chananya and Rabbi Yossi Hakohen. His teacher praised him saying he fears sin. When Rabbi Yochanan asked his students to choose the best trait for a person to acquire, Rabbi Shimon replied "to see the outcome of one's actions". When he once again requested them to list the worst trait that a person should most distance himself from, Rabbi Shimon replied "To borrow and not to repay, since one who borrows from man it is as one who borrows from Hashem, as it states, ``The wicked man borrows and does not repay; but the righteous one is benevolent and gives'".

[edit] Teachings

Be particular about the reading of the Shma and prayer. When you pray, do not make your prayers routine, rather pleadings before Hashem, as is stated ``For He is benevolent and merciful". And do not be wicked in your own eyes.

[edit] Kever Rabbi Shimon ben Netanel

Traditionally kever Rabbi Shimon ben Netanel was reportedly located in Teveria right near the kever of his teacher Rabbi Yochanan ben Zacki. Recently, Yisroel Meir Gabbi and Ohali Tzadkim have marked the location of the kever in Alama right near the kever of Rabbi Elazar ben Aruch.

[edit] Directions

Geographic Coordinates

  • Latitude: 33.054047
  • Longitude: 35.490558
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