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Micha HaMorashti was a prophet during the era of the kings Yasom, Achaz and Chizkiya. He prophesied at the same time as Yishauahu, Hoshea and Amos. His prophecies are recorded in the sixth book of the Tri Assar, where he tells about the future destruction of Shomron and Yerushalaim and greatly rebukes the rich and powerful for their oppression of the poor. He also foretell how at the 'end of the days' there will be no more wars and all the weapons will be turned into agricultural tools. Micha is well know for having summarized the 613 commandments into three main ones; Perform justice, love kindness and walk humble.

[edit] Kever Micha Hanavi

Micha Hanavi is buried in arab occupied village of Kabul.

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