Ovadia HaNavi

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Ovadia HaNavi was one of the main 48 prophets of Israel. He was a Edomite convert who rose to the rank of King Achov's personal estate manager. Ovadia was very G-D fearing and when Ezevel massacred all the true prophets, he hid 100 of them in a double cave. Ovadia was a student of Achia Hasheloni and was considered to be a part of Eliyahu Hanavi's beit din. His prophecy predicting the doom of Edom is contained in the forth book of the Tray Asar, consisting of only one chapter.

[edit] Prophesy

Ovadia who remained righteous while living between two wicked people; Achov and Ezevel was given the ability to prophesize against Esav who remained wicked while residing between two righteous people; Yitzchok and Rivka.

[edit] Kever Ovadia HaNavi

Ovadia HaNavi is buried in Baram although there is a disagreement between Kadmonenue and Gabbai - Ohalei Tzadikim as to its exact location.

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