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Mar Zutra was a sixth generation Amora and a great grandson of Shmuel. His father was Rav Mari a son of Issur the convert and Rachel a daughter of Shmuel. Together with his brother Rav Ada Saba, he inherited wealth from his father. Unlike other brothers who required their inheritance to be split in front of witnesses, Rav Ashi ruled their unsupervised division was valid since both Rav Ada and Mar Zutra were respectable and upstanding individuals.

Mar Zutra served as the head of the Pumpedisa Yeshiva from 411 until 414 and was a friend of Rav Ashi, Amamar, Rav Yemar bar Shelemya and Maryamar. He was a student of Rav Papa and Rav Pepe. Mar Zutra helped compose a blessing to be recited while visiting mourners which he himself used when he came to comfort Rav Ashi as he sat Shiva.

Once a silver goblet was stolen from Mar Zutra. He later noticed one of his students drying his hands using his friends garment. Mar Zutra said to himself if this student does not care about damaging his fellow's property surely he was the one who stole the goblet. His friends pressured him and this student confessed to the crime.

[edit] Kever Mar Zutra

Mar Zutra is buried in Bar'am, North Israel but the exact location is disputed. Kadmonanue keeping the traditional location while Gabbai - Ohalei Tzadikim place it at the entrance of the Baram National Park right near their versions of Kever Esther and Nachman Chatufa.

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