Rabbi Shimon ben Lakish

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Resh Lakish was a leading first generation Eretz Yisroel Amora and a student-friend as well as a brother-in-law to Rabbi Yochanan, together leading the Yeshiva of Tiberias. Origionaly a bandit, Resh Lakish repented at the urging of Rabbi Yochanan and became a great sage.

[edit] Bandit

Rabbi Yochanan was bathing in the Jorden River. Resh Lakish saw him and took a mighty leap after him. Rabbi Yochanan pointed out to him that with such strength he could become a great Torah scholar and promised him his sister if he would repent. Resh Lakish agreed to repent but at that moment already began loosing his great physical strength so much that he was unable to jump up as he had done minutes before, due to his new commitment to the Torah.

[edit] Kever Resh Lakish

Rabbi Shimon ben Lakish is buried in Katzrin, Israel along with Rabbi Yochanan of Katzrin. There is a dispute regarding the exact location between Yisroel Meir Gabbai / Ohali Tzadikim and Kadmonanue.

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