Rabbi Cruspidi the Amora

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Rebbe Kruspidi the Amora
Rabbi Yosef Ochayon
רבי כרוספדאי האמורא
Other Names:
Rabbi Cruspidi ben Shabti, Rabbi Crispa, Rabbi Crispi, Rabbi Cruspi, Rabbi Crispida, Rabbi Kritzifa
Kruspidi, Kurspedi, Kruspidy, Curspedi, Cruspidy
A 3rd generation Amora buried in Kadita.

Rabbi Cruspidi ben Shabti was a third generation Eretz Yisroel Amora and a student of Rabbi Yochanan, who is buried in Kadita on the way from Tzefas to Meron. According to the Arizal, Rabbi Cruspidi was holding on the level of a Tana and is buried with two other unnamed Tzadikim in the cave which has an additional opening in its roof. In the Talmud Yerushalmi he is referred to as Rabbi Crispa.

[edit] Teachings

3 Books of Rosh Hashana

Rabbi Cruspidi gives over in the name of Rabbi Yochanan: Three books are opened up on Rosha Hashana. One for the completely evil, one for the completely righteous and one for those in-between. Those that are completely righteous are immediately marked and sealed for life. Those that are completely evil are immediately marked and sealed for death. Those in the middle, remain suspended and deferred until Yom Kipor. If they merit, they are written for life. If not, Heaven forbid they are written for death.

The Rebellious Son

Rabbi Cruspidi's opinion is that a boy is only eligible to fit into the category of 'Ben Sorer U'Oreh' for a short period of only three months.

[edit] Directions

Geographic Coordinates

  • Latitude: 32.995047
  • Longitude: 35.476455
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