Yehoyada Hakohen

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Yehoyada Hakohen
Yehoyada Hakohen
יהוידע הכהן
Yehoyadah Hacohen
Other Names:
Jehoiada the Priest, The Living Man
Wadi Sechvi, under Tzfat
Grandfather and grandson who served as leaders of the Kohanim in pre Temple Eretz Yisroel.

There are two Tzadikim in Tanach named Yehoyada Hakohen. Yehoyada Hakohen the First served as leader of the Kohanim and possibly as Kohen Gadol after the Nov massacre until Dovid gained full Kingship over Yisroel. He was the father of Binayahu, one of King Dovid's early warriors and a leading Kabbalist. Binayahu ben Yehoyada had a son Yehoyada the Second who headed the Sanhedrin and was appointed as King Dovid's personal military adviser after the suicide of Achitofel. He in-turn had a son Binayahu the Second who served as head general of King Shlomo. During the reign of King Yoash, a descendant of theirs, Yehoyada the Third served as Kohen Gadol and leader of the Jewish Nation.


[edit] Yehoyada Hakohen the First

After the Nov massacre, Evyasar the last remaining son of Achimelech the Kohen Gadoal and the priestly house of Ali, fled and joined the the outlaw Dovid ben Yeshi. Although Tzadok Hakohen was the most suitable via linage to replace Achimelech as Kohen Gadol, as eventually happened, at that time he was too young. In the interim Yehoyada the First was appointed as head of the Kohanim. According to some opinions Yehoyada even temporarily served as Kohen Gadol after the Mishkan moved to Givon, during the end of Shaul's reign and the reign of his son Ish Boshes.

[edit] Crowning King Dovid

After the assassination of Ish Boshes, a number Jewish leaders went to Chevron to crown Dovid as King over the remaining tribes of the Jewish Nation. Yehoyada led one of the inauguration groups and brought with him 3,700 Kohanim. His son Binayahu became one of King Dovid's leading warriors.

[edit] The Live Man

Binayahu is called the 'son of a living man', a reference to his father Yehoyada who was considered alive, even after he passed away since he was a complete Tzadik.

[edit] Yehoyada Hakohen the Second

Yehoyada the Second was son of Binayahu the First, a leading warrior of King Dovid. He served as Rosh Sanhedrin and when Evyasar, the practicing Kohen Gadol was unable to question the Urim Vitumim, Yehoyada was the Kohen who would substitute him. After the suicide of Achitofel, Yehoyada Hakohen, along with Eyasar was appointed as head military adviser to King Dovid.[1] Yehoyada had a son Binayaho the Second who served as head general for King Shlomo.

[edit] Yehoyada Hakohen the Third

Yehoyada the Third served as Kohen Gadol during the reigns of Achaziah, Athalya, and Yoash. He hid Yoash for six years in the Kodesh Hakodashim and then led the revolt against the evil Queen Athalya, anointing Yoash in her place. Yehoyada Hakohen then guided Yoash for 35 years and he remained righteous until his mentor passed away at age 130. Yehoyada the Third was buried in the City of Dovid in the royal tomb along with the righteous Kings of Yehuda.

[edit] Kever Yehoyada Hakohen

Yehoyada Hakohen is buried under Safed right above Wadi Sechi before it meets Wadi Amud. It is unknown if this is the tomb of Yehoyada Hakohen the First or his grandson Yehoyada the Second. It is clear that this is not the Kever of Yehoyada the Third father of Zecharia Hanavi since he was buried along with the Kings of the House of Dovid.

Under the top of the Kever one can see signatures from early visitors to the tomb. Kever Yehoyada Hakohen is in the vicinity of the kevarim of Adino Hatzoni and Chutzpis Hameturgamon.

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[edit] References

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