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Abaye, Abaya, Abbaye
A well kown 4th generation Babylonian Amora often mentioned in the Talmud.

Abbaye was a forth generation Babylonian Amora who is quoted many times throughout the Talmud, often arguing with his friend Rava. Born an orphan, Abaye was raised by his uncle Rabbah bar Nachmani whom he eventually succeeded as head of the Pumpadesa Yeshiva after it was first occupied by Rav Yosef for two and a half years. He passed away at age 60 and was buried in Ovnit, Israel.

[edit] Kever Abaye

Rabbi Chaim Vital writes in the name of the Holy Ari that Abaya is buried in a cave in Ovnit along with Rava and Rav Dimi from Naharda. In recent times this cave was identified as being right below Kever Rabbi Yehuda Nesiah. Yisorel Meir Gabbai and Ohalei Tzadikim dispute the location saying this cave does not fit the description of Rabbi Chaim Vital. Instead they place these Kivarim in a cave inside the army base that was sealed up during its construction. Although the cave is inaccessible, there is a point outside the fence of the army base around 30 meters away from the entrance of the sealed cave. Best time to visit this location is Sunday mornings when the army base is relatively empty.

[edit] Hillula of Rava

Local residents of the area created a Hillula for Abaya and Rava which they celebrate on the 28th of Iyyar.

[edit] More Photos

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