Binyamin Hatzadik

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Binyamin Hatzadik
Binyomin ha'Tzadik
התנא בנימין הצדיק
Spelling & Other Names:
Binyomin ha'Tzadik, Aba Binyomin, Abba Binyamin
28th of Av
A Tana who served as a manager of a charity fund.

Binyomin Hatzadik was a Tana mentioned in the Braysa who administrated a charity fund and was once credited with saving the lives of a woman and her seven children. He is buried in the Darom Neighborhood of Tzfat.


[edit] Tzadik Shomer Habris

Rabbi Binyomin is referred to with the title 'Tzadik' even before the incident of the charity, this attests to his previous reputation of righteousness. It must also be noted that the title 'Tzadik' is given only to people that have attained very high level of holiness and Shmiras Habris.

[edit] Gabbi Tzedakah

Binyamin Hatzadik was a manager of a charity fund. Once during a year of famine he was approached by a woman who requested financial support. Binyomin Hatzadik swore by the Service of the Bais Hamikdash that the fund was currently depleted. She responded that if he would not support her then she and her seven children would die. Upon hearing this Binyamin Hatzadik went ahead and supported this family from his personal money.

[edit] Saved from Deathly Illness

Years later Binyamin Hatzadik became ill and was near death. In heaven the Ministering Angels argued in his behalf in front of Hashem. They said it is known from the Torah that one who sustains a single Jewish soul, it is as if he sustained the entire world. This is the reason why Adom was created alone, to show that each person through his descendants can fill the world. This is also the reason why Hashem rebuked Kayin after he murdered Hevel, "the bloods of your brother are calling out". He used the plural word 'bloods' to imply that Kayin had murdered Hevel and all the descendants that would have come from him. Binyamin Hatzadik had saved a woman and her seven children, the defending Angles demanded to know how he could pass away at such a young age. Their plea was accepted in Heaven and immediately the decree for Binyomin Hatzadik's death was torn and an additional 22 years were added to his life.

[edit] 22 Additional Years

Binyamin Hatzadik was granted an additional 22 years of life for saving the woman and her seven children, an act which was equivalent to carrying them throughout pregnancy and then nursing them. There were eight souls saved, for each Binyamin Hatzadik was rewarded 9 months in exchange for the time of pregnancy, adding up to six years. Plus an additional 16 years for the allotted 2 years of nursing given to each soul, adds up to 22 years. (8 x 9 months = 6 years + 8 x 2 years = 16 years, totaling 22 years).

[edit] Identity

Binyamin Hatzadik can possibly be identified with the Tana Abba Binyamin. Alternatively he might have been the same Rabbi Binyomin who was a student of Rabbi Akiva. If Binyamin Hatzadik lived as early as the Temple Era, as might be implied by the oath he made swearing by the 'Service of the Bais Hamikdash', then he can possibly be identified with Binyomin who was appointed over the ovens of the Bais Hamikdash. Respectively he could have been a completely different Tzadik with no relation to the above three Tanaim.

[edit] Kever Binyomin Hatzadik

Binyamin Hatzadik is buried in the Darom Neighborhood of Tzfat on Rechov Lochamei Hagetaot, right off of Rechov Weizmann. Kever Binyamin Hatzadik is a few minutes away from Kever Rabbi Nachum Ish Gamzu. This location was originally a very holy and ancient Beit Knesset and Binyamin Hatzadik was buried in the spot of the Aron Kodesh. Originally Kever Binyomin Hatzadik was located in the Arab section of Safed and was not so acesible to Jews until the War of Independence. After the war, the location was redeemed by Rabbi Dov Berel Zilberman.

[edit] Beit Knesset Binyomin Hatzadik

In recent years Yated Hateshuva a local Sephardic institution built up a Beit Knesset on the right side of the Kever Binyamin Hatzadik where they have daily minyonim and shiurim. On Israeli Independence day they run a full day of learning, inviting different famous Rabbis to speak.

[edit] Hillulah of Binyomin Hatzadik

In attempt to capitalize on the city's assets, the municipality of Safed innovated a 'Hillula' on the 28th of Av for Binyamin Hatzadik which coincidentally falls out at the end of the summer during peek tourist season, right before the Klezmer Festival. However it is very likely that once the people decide on a Hillula the Tzadik shows up and maybe even that there was divine providence in the decision and they picked a relevant date.

[edit] Utilities

Kever Binyomin Hatzadik has an attached Beis Medrash where Minyanim take place as well as a second side study room. There are many Sefarim on all topics spread throughout the study rooms and Tzion. The actual Tzion is divided into men and women sections, separated by a curtain, each with a station for lighting candles. There are two restrooms one for men and one for women, as well as two sinks for washing hands. Coffee, tea and hot water are available although there are no disposable cups and glass cups have to be rewashed. Plastic chairs are plentiful throughout the Kever. Actual Tzion is open 24/7.

[edit] Directions

Kever Binyamin Hatzadik is located in the upper section of Southern Tzfat a little above the Rasco area, across from the shopping center hosting the Supersal store and the Misrad Hapinim office.

Geographic Coordinates

  • Latitude: 32.958598
  • Longitude: 35.499750

From Top/Main Entrance of Tzfat

  1. Enter Tzfat through the top/main entrance.
  2. At the traffic circle near the Egged bus station take 2nd exit, down into Derech Jabotinsky/דרך ז'בוטינסקי‎
  3. After 750 m there will be a 2nd traffic circle take the 2nd exit (stick left) onto Eliyahu Fromenchenko/אליהו פרומצ'נקו
  4. After 500 m there will be a 3rd traffic circle take the 2nd exit (stick left) onto Mem Gimel Yordei HaSira/מ"ג יורדי הסירה
  5. After 210 m there will be a 4th traffic circle called 'Kikar Hadli' take the 2nd exit (left turn) onto Lohamei HaGeta'ot/לוחמי הגטאות‎
  6. After 60 m, first passing the Bet Binyomin youth hostel (Binyamin House) and on the right side of the street is Kever Binyomin Hatzadik.

From Bottom/South/Darom Entrance of Tzfat

  1. Enter Tzfat through Bottom/South/Darom entrance by exiting the 89 onto Lehi/לח"י
  2. After 300 m remain on Lehi/לח"י by taking the first exit (upwards and right) at the traffic circle.
  3. After 190 m at the 2nd traffic circle take 1st exit (turn right) onto David Elazar/דוד אלעזר
  4. Continue on David Elazar/דוד אלעזר for 1.2 km at the 3rd traffic circle take the 1st exit (turn left) onto Sprinzak/שפרינצק
  5. After 88 m at the 4th traffic circle take the 1st exit (turn right) onto onto Haim Weizman/חיים וייצמן
  6. After 300 m the name of the street changes into Mem Gimel Yordei HaSira/מ"ג יורדי הסירה‎ continue going straight.
  7. After 130 m at the 5th traffic circle (Kikar Hadli) take the 1st exit (right turn) onto Lohamei HaGeta'ot/לוחמי הגטאות
  8. After 60 m, first passing the Bet Binyomin youth hostel (Binyamin House) and on the right side of the street is Kever Binyomin Hatzadik.
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