Adino Haetzni

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Adino Haetzni
Adino Haetzni
עדינו העצני
Adino HaEztni
Other Names:
Adino the Eznite, Rosh Hashelishi, Yoshev Bshevet Tichakmani, Jashobeam, Jesbaam, Jesbaham, Josheb-Basshebeth, Yishvam ben Chachmani
Tzfat above Wadi Amud
Head of Shanhedrin and leader of King David's warriors.

Adino Haetzni served as head of the Sanhedrin and was one of King Dovid's main warriors. He was the head of 'The Three' an elite group of three arch warriors. He was known to have slaughtered 800 enemies single handedly in one battle, and 300 enemies in a second battle. When Adino Haetzni studied Torah he would pamper himself like a worm but when he went to battle he would harden himself like wood.


[edit] Identity

There are some opinions that identify Adino Haetzni with Yoav ben Tzruah, however the majority hold otherwise. In the Drush level of Torah the verses regarding Adino Haetzni are expounded in reference to King Dovid himself and his spiritual attainments. It is possible that King Dovid's achievements manifested into the reality of his head warrior as well. There is also some debate if Adino Haetzni, the head warrior on the list brought down in Shmuel is the same person as Yishvam ben Chakmani, the head warrior on the list brought down in Devri Hayamim.

[edit] Kever Adino Haetzni

[edit] Kadmonenue

The Kadmonenue version of Kever Adino Haetzni is located right under the Meor Hachaim Shtiblach.

[edit] Ohali Tzadikim

Ohali Tzadikim marks kever Adino Haetzni right above Wadi Sechvi, slightly before it meets Wadi Amud, in between the Kivarim of the Son of Rav Safra and Yehoyada Hakohen.

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