Chushai the Arachite

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Chushai HaArchi was a loyal friend and adviser of King Dovid originating from the city of Yarcha. During the rebellion of Avshalom, Chushai served as a spy for King Dovid and also provided false advice to Avshalom causing him to turn down the wise advice of Achitofel.

[edit] Rebellion of Avshalom

During Avshalom's rebellion Chushai met up with the retreating camp of King Dovid on their way up Mount of Olives. Chushai's whose clothing are torn and his head is covered with dust wished to join the group. King Dovid tells him that he would simply be a burden on them due to his old age, rather he should remain in Yerushalaim, serving as a spy and work to confuse the counsel of Achitofel, having just been informed of his treason.

Chushai the Arachite convinces Avshalom to take him into his confidence, saying he will serve him like he had served his father. In the council held shortly afterwards regarding what measures were to be taken against Dovid, he obtains a delay which secures the safety of the king. Chushai then conveys this information to the priests Tzadok and Avyathar who pass this to King Dovid via their sons; Achimatz and Yonatan.

[edit] Kever Chushai HaArchi

Chushai the Arachite is buried in the Druze occupied village of Yarcha, Israel. His tomb is also well respected by the Druzim who refer to it as 'Nabi Yarka'.

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