Asher ben Yaakov

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Asher was the eighth son of Yaakov and the second son of Zilpah . He was born during Yackov's 12th year in Charon named by Leah. He is the father to the Tribe of Asher. He lived for 123 years and passed away on either the 5th of Tishrai or the 4th of Shevat.

[edit] Kever Asher ben Yaakov

Asher ben Yaakov is buried in Kodesh right near his brother Naftali. There is a stream near these kivarim.

Gabbai and Ohali Tzadikim offer a second possible location of the tomb of Asher in El Yehuda.

[edit] Hillula of Asher ben Yaakov

The yahrzeit of Asher falls out on the 5th of Tishrai.

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