Rabbi Yossi of Pekien

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Rebbe Yosi of Peki'in
alt= Rebbe Yosi of Peki'in
רבי יוסי דפקיעין
Jose, Yossi, Yosi, Pekim, Pikien, Pikin, Peki'in
Baal Shem Tov Forest, Ein Zetim
A Tana mentioned in the Zohar who was brought back to life by his young son.

Rebbe Yosi of Peki'in is a Tana mentioned in the Zohar Parshas Balak. He was friends with Rebbe Abba and Rebbe Elazar ben Rebbe Shimon who called him a 'pomegranate who is filled with everything'. After he passed away, his young son's prayers and tears aroused heavenly mercy bring him back to life and granting him an additional 22 year.


[edit] Back to Life

Upon being informed of the passing of Rabbi Yossi of Pekien, Rabbi Elazar and the Chavarim deterred from their path and traveled to his home to take care of his burial. They arrived and found his four year old son crying and pleading to Hashem not to leave him and his sister complete orphans, as their mother had already passed away. Rabbi Yossi's son then prostrated himself over his fathers body placing his mouth over this mouth. Suddenly they heard a voice declaring "fortunate are you Rebbe Yosi, that the words and tears of the kid (baby goat) ascended before the supernal throne and they reverted your judgment giving you an additional 22 years to teach Torah to this 'kid' who is precious in the eyes of Hashem." Rabbi Elazar and the Chavarim did not allow anyone to enter the house, the pillar of fire then went away and Rabbi Yossi of Pekien opened his eyes, while his son was still prostrated upon him, mouth over mouth. Rabbi Elazar then declared "fortunate are we that we have seen Tichiyas HaMasim with our own eyes".[1]

[edit] Praises

[edit] Kever Rabbi Yossi of Peki'in

Kever Rabbi Yossi of Peki'in is located in the Baal Shem Tov Forest underneath Ein Zetim in Northern Israel. Rabbi Chaim Vital in the name of the Arizal describes the location in a natural circular formation of rocks. This was the location of the revelation where Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai revealed of Safra D'Tzniusa to his students. After his 2nd passing, Rabbi Yossi was buried in this location.

In the village of Peki'in itself there is a kever attributed to a Rebbe Yosi which people naturally and mistakenly assumed to be Rebbe Yossi of Pekien, however as revealed by the Arizal this can not be the case and it is a different Tana Rebbe Yossi buried in Peki'in.

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Geographic Coordinates

  • Latitude: 32.989828
  • Longitude: 35.476773

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[edit] References

  1. ^ Zohar Part 3 Page 204B

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