Rabbi Shimon ben Chalafta

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Rebbe Shimon ben Chalafta
Rebbe Shimon ben Chalafta
רבי שמעון בן חלפתא
Simon, Halafta
Old Tzfat Cemetery
A 4th - 5th generation Tana, a student friend of Rebbe Yehuda Hanasi.

Rebbe Shimon ben Chalafta was one of the last Tanaim and a friend of Rebbe Yehuda Hanasi. He was a grandson or brother of Rabbi Yossi ben Chalafta.

[edit] Kever Rabbi Shimon ben Chalafta

Closeup of Tzion Rebbe Shimon.
Kever of Rebbe Shimon in Safed.
According the Arizal in Shaar Hagilgulim, Rabbi Shimon ben Chalafta is buried in the area around the old Tzfas cemetery. The location of Rabbi Shimon ben Chalafta's Kever was unknown until it was recently discovered by Yisroel Meir Gabbi who found its approximate location after analyzing a number of description found in old texts. According to Gabbi, the Kever of Rabbi Shimon ben Chalafta is located right across from the Kever of Rebbe Yehoshua ben Chananya in the ancient cemetery of Safed on the left side of the staircase leading down from the Arizal mikvah. Although its exact location is unknown, Gabbi and his organization Ohali Tzadikim marked its approximate location by painting it blue and putting up a sign. Mistakenly the kever on the left side of Rabbi Yossi right near Abba Chalafta in Kfar Chananya has been marked as the kever of Rabbi Shimon.

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Geographic Coordinates

  • Latitude: 32.967393
  • Longitude: 35.488586

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