Antigonus Ish Socho

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Antigonus of Soko
Shemaya HaNasi
אנטיגנוס איש סוכו
Antigonus of Soko, Antigonus of Soho, Antigonus of Sokho, Antiginus ish Soko, Antigunus
Leader of the Jewish Nation after Shimon Hatzadik.

Antigonus Ish Socho was a student of Shimon HaTzadik, replacing his teacher as Nasi after his passing. Living around 250 years before the destruction of the Temple he bridged the era of the Anshi Knesset Hagedola to the era of the Zuggos. His students Yossi ben Yoezer and Yossi ben Yochanan were the first pair of Zuggos. Tzadok and Baysus were two of his students that went sour and led to the formation of the Tzidukim and Baysusim sects. Antigonus Ish Socho is buried in Tzfat right near Nasson Detzuzuita at the edge of the Canaan Neighborhood and above the Old City.


[edit] Nasi

Antigonus originated or spent a considerable amount of time living in the city of Socho. He was a student of Shimon HaTzadik and succeeded his position as spiritual leader after his passing.

[edit] Tzadok & Baysus

The Kever.
Antigonus Ish Socho had a system of disseminating his teachings to the masses. He would teach his main students and they in-turn would teach a middle rank of students who would then go and teach a larger body of lower rank of students. Tzadok and Baysus belonged to the group of select main students.

At one point they started developing heretical thoughts regarding the teachings of the 'Next World' due to Antigonus Ish Socho's teaching that a person must serve Hashem with no expectation of any reward whatsoever. They took this to mean that there was a lock of confidence amongst the early Sages regarding the existence of the 'Next World'. These theologies led Tzadok and Baysus astray until they began developing their own heretical groups that got named after them, the Tzidukim and Baysusim.

[edit] Teachings

Do not be like servants that serve their master in order to receive benefits, instead be like servants who serve their master with no intention of receiving benefits. Although you must serve Hashem out of love to fulfill the above, you must still have the fear of Heaven upon you.

[edit] Kever Antigonus Ish Socho

Antigonus Ish Socho is buried in Tzfat as described in Shar Ruach Hakodesh by Rabbi Chaim Vital. Although the exact location of the grave was lost over time, it was relocated through the research of Yisroel Meir Gabbi and his organization Ohali Tzadikim. Kever Antigonus Ish Socho is located in a small dugout cave above the local Shuk at the edge of the Canaan neighborhood. Near this cave is a second cave containing the kever of Nasson Detzutitza.

[edit] Directions

Geographic Coordinates

  • Latitude: 32.967038
  • Longitude: 35.500512

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