Rabbi Yossi Dmon Yukras

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Rebbe Yossi Dmon Yukras
Rebbe Yossi Dmon Yukras
רבי יוסי דמן יוקרת
Yossi, Yosi, Jose, Yose, Yokras, Yukrat
A 3rd generation Eretz Yisroel Amora.

Rabbi Yossi Dmon Yukras was a third or fourth generation Amora, living in Eretz Yisroel. He was named after Yukras, the city where he lived. Rebbe Yosi was very vengeful for the sake of Hashem and was himself responsible for the death of his children. He punished his son Yehuda for using practical Kabbalah to instantaneously grow figs and commanding the death of his daughter so people not stumble in her beauty and be pogem habris. Rabbi Yose Dmon Yukras was the teacher of Rabbi Yossi bar Bun.


[edit] Yehuda HaNenash

Rabbi Yossi employed workers in his field. Once he delayed in bringing them food and they complained to his son Yehuda that they were hungry. Using practical Kabbalah, Yehuda turned to barren fig tree and said 'Fig tree, fig tree, bring out your fruits so Dad's workers can eat." Immediately the tree sprouted fruit and the workers ate. When Rabbi Yossi Dmon Yukras arrived and heard what happened he cursed his son to die for having hassled his creator.

[edit] His Daughter

Once Rabbi Yossi Dmon Yukras caught a man looking at his daughters beauty. In order to prevent people from falling to Pgam Habris because of her, he said she should die.

[edit] His Donkey

Rabbi Yossi Dmon Yukras had a donkey that he would rent out. At the end of the day the renters would place the payment on the back of the donkey and he would carry it home. If they would place too much or too little money, the donkey would remain in its place and not budge until the payment was properly adjusted. Once they accidentally left a pair of sandals on the donkey and it would not move until they took it off.

[edit] Kever Rabbi Yossi of Yukrat

Rabbi Yose of Yukrat is buried under Kadita on the road leading from Tzefat to Meron. Across the road from Rebbe Yosi is the kever of Rabbi Kruspedi and a little down the road is the grave site of his father and children.

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