Rabbi Zechariah ben Hakatzav

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Rabbi Zechariah ben HaKatzav was a Kohen and a first generation Tana who lived through the destruction of the Second Beit Hamikdash. Although he swore that his wife did not leave his sight during the following onslaught and Roman looting of Yerushalaim, he had not have any witnesses other then himself. He accepted the ruling of the Sages that his wife was no longer permitted to him in accordance with the law that prohibits the wife of a kohen to her husband, if she was in a city that was captured by Gentiles, unless she has at least one witness that she was not contaminated. Although Rabbi Zechariah ben Hakatzav was a witness, a person is not allowed to testify about himself. Despite this, he built a home for his wife in his courtyard but made sure they were never to be found alone and that she was always escorted by their children.

[edit] Kever Rabbi Zechariah ben HaKatzav

Rabbi Zechariah ben HaKatzav is buried in Kfar Chananya. Kadmonanue places his tomb on top of the mountain while Gabbai marked it in a cave right above kever Kfar Chananya.

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