Rabbi Nechunya ben HaKane

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R' Nechunya ben HaKane
Rebbe Nechunya ben HaKane
רבי נחוניא בן הקנה
Rebbe Nechunia ben HaKana, Rabbi Nehunia ben Ha Kana
Wadi Amud
A 1st generation Tana and leading mystic.

Rabbi Nechunya ben Hakana was a Tana and teacher of Rabbi Yishmoel. Rabbi Nechunya ben HaKane is the author of the important Kabbalistic text, the Bahir and the prayer Anah Bekoach which is based on the Divine Name of 42. Rabbi Nechunya ben HaKane takes a very active role in the Hachalot Rabiti, where he ascends to the Chariot.


[edit] Long Life

When asked by his students how he merited such a long life, Rabbi Nechunya responded that he never boosted his self esteem through his friend's disgrace, he never went to sleep before forgiving anyone who had wronged him that day and he was always very forgiving with his money.

[edit] Prayer of Rabbi Nechunya

When Rabbi Nechunya entered the Beit Midrash he would pray that no mishap should occur because of him. When he left he would pray, giving thanks for his portion.

[edit] Teachings

  • A person that commits a sin deserving of both death and a monetary payment is absolved from having to give the monetary payment since he receives the greater of the two punishments - death. Therefore a person who ignites another's property on fire during the Shabbot, does not have to pay for the damage he caused since for the same act he receives the death penalty. According to Rabbi Nechunya ben HaKane this is true regardless if the death sentence is to be executed by the Sanhedrin or if the sin is just deserving of Death from Heaven. This would make the situation applicable even in the case where the above example was carried out on Yom Kippor.[1]

[edit] Kever Rabbi Nechunya ben HaKane

Nechunia ben HaKana is buried on the Tzfat side of Wadi Amud right before it meets Wadi Sechvi. Originally Kever Rebbe Nechunya ben HaKane was revealed by the Arizal and is described by Rabbi Chaim Vital in Shar Rouach Hakodes. Over the generations the location was lost but was recently rediscovered by Yisrael Meir Gabay and his organization Ohalei Tzadikim.

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[edit] References

  1. ^ Talmud Bavli, Pesachim 29A
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