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Queen Esther also known as Hadasa was orphaned during the Babylonian exile and was raised by her relative Mordechi who ended up marrying her. After the execution of Vashti, she was forced to marry Achashverosh. Together with Mordechi, Ester foiled the wicked plot of Haman to annihilate the Jewish Nation and brought about the Miracle of Purim. Her story is documented in the Book of Esther which she composed. Esther is buried in the North Israeli village of Baram or possibly in Hamadan, Iran.

[edit] Kever of Queen Esther

After Ester passed away her body was brought to Eretz Yisoel at her request and buried in Kfar Bar'am. There are sources that place her kever in Hamadan, Iran. It is possible that she was first buried there for a period of time before her casket was moved. It is also possible that tomb is the location of kever Moredechi and people assumed they were buried together.

In Bar'am there is a disagreement between Yisroel Meir Gabbai / Ohalei Tzadikim and Kadmonanue regarding the exact location of kever Esther Hamalka. Gabbai places her tomb in the bottom of an old broken structure at the entrance of the Baram national park, right near his version of the kevarim of Nachman Chatufa, his father Pinchas and Mar Zutra. Kadmonanue on the other hand place kever Ester in the woods at the foot of Baram.

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