Rabbi Yishmael ben Elisha

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Rabbi Yishmael ben Elisha was a first generation Tana who served as Kohen Gadol shortly before the destruction of the Second Temple. He was executed along with Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel as part of the Ten Martyrs. His son and daughter we taken captive during the destruction of Yerushalaim. Rabbi Yishmael ben Elisha was a great Kabbalist and would often see visions of angels.

[edit] Visions

One Yom Kipor as Rabbi Yishmael ben Elisha entered the Kodesh HaKodashim to burn the Ketoret incense he had a vision of 'Akasrkel Ka' siting on a thrown and He asked Rabbi Yishmoel to bless Him. Rabbi Yishmoel responded "May it be Your will that Your mercy should override Your anger and your mercy shall rollover your attributes and you should treat with your sons with the attribute of mercy and give them more then they deserve". To which He nodded his head, implying that even the blessing of a simple person should not be taken lightly.

[edit] Prayer of Rabbi Yishmoel Kohen Gadol

There is a famous prayer attributed to Rabbi Yishmael and Rabbi Akiva. One who recites it daily; his face radiats, all creatures fear him, his dreams are good, his Torah is preserved in his heart all his days, the sins of his youth are forgiven, he is saved from the evil inclination and all his enemies and is successful in all he tries. Rabbi Yishmoel also grantees that his person will have a share in the 'World to Come'

[edit] Kever Rabbi Yishmael ben Elisha

Rabbi Yishmael ben Elisha is buried in the Druze occupied village of Sajur / Shazur.

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