Har Habayis

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Har Habayis
Har Habayis
הר הבית
Har Habayit
Other Names:
Temple Mount
Section of Old City Jerusalem where the Temple used to be

Har Habayis is mountain at the edge of the old city where the First and Second Temples used to sit. The original western wall of Har Habayis still remains and is knows as the Kotel Maaravi. During the time of the Temples the Jewish Nation would travel to the Har Habayit during the three festivals of Pesach, Shevuos, and Sukkos.

[edit] Entering Har Habayis

There is great debate if today where there no longer remains ashes of the red haifer, needed for purification of 'death impurity' if Jews can ascend onto Har Habayit and up until what points.

[edit] More Pictures

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