Rabbi Elazar ben Rabbi Shimon

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Rebbe Elazar ben haRashbi
Rebbe Elazar ben Rebbe Shimon
רבי אלעזר ברבי שמעון
Other Names:
Eleazar b. Simeon, Rebbe Elazar ben HaRashbi, Rabbi Elazar ben Rabbi Shimon bar Yochi
Either 25th of Elul or 9th of Tishrai
A fifth generation Tana and a renown kabbalist, the son of Rebbe Shimon bar Yochi.

Rabbi Elazar was the son of Rebbe Shimon bar Yochi and one of the main members of the school of the Zohar. He was a fifth generation Tana and a friend of Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi. When his father was sentenced to death by the Roman government, they both fled hiding in a cave in Pekien for 13 years where the greatest mysteries of the Kabbalah were revealed to them. After an incident where Rabbi Elazar thought he might of unjustly caused the execution of a man, he accepted upon himself years of suffering. Rabbi Elazar ben Rabbi Shimon created many prayers under the name Rabbi Elazar Haklair which compose a large part of the Tisha Bav Kinot and the High Holiday prayers.[1][2] Rabbi Elazar is buried in Meron in a cave along with his father. His tziyon that was built above the cave, is a frequently visited shrine. Rabbi Elazar's hillulah is celebrated on the 25th of Elul and according to other opinions on the 9th of Tishrai, Erev Yom Kipor.


[edit] Kabbalist

Rabbi Elazar was a master Kabbalist and knowledgeable in the deepest mysteries. He is often mentioned throughout the Zohar.

[edit] Rabbi Elazar HaKalir

Although there is much debate to the identity of Rabbi Elazar HaKalir, the author of many poetic prayers found in the Tisha Bav Kinot and the High Holiday prayers, Rabbi Chaim Vital states clearly in the name of the holy Arizal that he is no other than Rabbi Elazar ben Rabbi Shimon.[3]

[edit] Friends

Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi and Rabbi Yishmoel ben Rabbi Yossi ben Chalafta.

[edit] Teachers

His father Rebbe Shimon, Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel, Rabbi Yehoshua ben Korcha.

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[edit] References

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