Natan Dezuzita

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Natan Dezuzita
Natan Dezuzita
נתן דצוציתא
Other Names:
Mar Ukban Resh Galusa, Ukvan bar Nechemya
Nason, Nosson, Noson, Nasson
A famous Baal Teshuva who lived during the time of the Tanaim or Amoraim.

Natan Dezuzita was wealthy individual who overcame his temptations when the opportunity presented itself for him to commit adultery. He then did a lot of Teshuva and merited to reach high spiritual levels. According to one opinion Natan Dezuzita lived during the 3rd generation of Tanaim at the time of Rebbe Akiva. According to a second opinion he is identified with Mar Ukban III Resh Galuta. It is very probable that there were two similar incidents one during the time of the Tanaim in Eretz Yiroel and one during the era of the Amoraim in Bavel. Natan Dezuzita is buried in Tzfat under the Canaan neighborhood right near the Kever of Antigonus Ish Socho.

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Geographic Coordinates

  • Latitude: 32.966853
  • Longitude: 35.500675

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