Rabbi Dosa ben Harkinas

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Rebbe Dosa ben Harkinas
Rabbi Dosa ben Harkinas
רבי דוסא בן הרכינס
Dose, Hurkenus, Hurkenes, Hurkinas
A 1st generation Tana, lived to very old age.

Rabbi Dosa ben Harkinas was a first generation Tana who was very wealthy. He lived a long life, passing away roughly 60 years after the destruction of the 2nd Temple. Rabbi Dosa ben Harkinas was friends with Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakki and Rabbi Azarya. Rabbi Yonason ben Harkinas was his younger brother.


[edit] Tana

[edit] Incident of the New Moon

Once two witnesses testified before Raban Gamliel claiming they had spotted the new moon for the month of Teshrai. Although the next night it was nowhere to be seen, he accepted their "for how can one testify that a woman gave birth, yet the next day she was seen still pregnant". When Rabbi Yehoshua agreed with Rabbi Dosa, Rabban Gamliel felt the still fragile 'post Temple destruction' leadership was at risk of splintering. He decreed upon Rabbi Yehshua to come before him on Yom Kippor, as it came out according to his calculations and desecrate it by carrying his money and walking stick.

Rabbi Yehshua came to Rabbi Dosa who advised him to listen to Rabban Gamliel bringing proof from the members of Moshe's Beit Din, whose names are not mentioned in the Torah. This comes to teach us that the Beis Din of each generation is equivalent to Moshe's. Meaning, had it mentioned the members names, one could argue that any later judges were of lesser stature, however since they remain unidentified, it can be argued that they are equivalent. Therefore if one debates the rulings of Rabban Gamliel's Beit Din, one should debate the rulings of each Bais Din that stood since the days of Moshe. Rabbi Yehushua accepted his advice and subdued himself in front of Rabban Gamliel.

[edit] Teachings

Morning sleep, afternoon wine, children's talk and sitting at the meeting places of the ignoramus, drive a person from the world.

[edit] Kever Rabbi Dosa ben Harkinas

Rabbi Dosa ben Harkinas is buried in Tzafas on the slope of the Metzudah hill in the Cave of Shem and Ever. To the dismay of many visitors the cave is kept locked up by individuals controlling the location. Occasionally the outer cave is opened to visitors but the inner cave containing the kever remains locked.

[edit] Directions

Geographic Coordinates

  • Latitude: 32.966312
  • Longitude: 35.495168

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