Rabbi Yosi Saragosi

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Rebbe Yossi Saragossi
Rabbi Yosi Saragosi
רבי יוסי סרגוסי
1460 - 1507
Other Names:
HaTzadik Halavan, the White Tzadik, Tzadik HaTarnegolim, the Tzadik of the Chickens, Rav Yossi Saragos
Yosi, Yossi, Yose, Joseph, Saragossi
Ein Zetim
A Spanish Kabbalist that immigrated to Tzfat after the Expulsion, becoming its chief rabbi.

Rabbi Yosi Saragosi was a Rabbi and Kabbalist originally from Zaragoza, Spain, leaving during the 1492 Jewish expulsion. First settling in Sicily, he then moved to Egypt where he spread Torah for three years. Rabbi Yosi Saragossi then moved to Tzfat, Israel where he became the leader of the small 300 family community. He is credited with building up the city which led to its further growth and golden age. Rabbi Yosi Saragosi was known for bringing peace between feuding friends and husband and wife. He was even well respected by all the local Arabs. His student was Rabbi Dovid ben Zimra, the Ridbaz.

[edit] Kever Rabbi Yosi Saragosi

Rabbi Yosi Saragosi is buried in Ein Zeitim in a field of olive trees near the Kever of Rebbe Yehudah bar Iloy at the location where he once had a revelation of Eliyaho Hanavi while doing Hisbodedute.

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