Nachman Chatufa

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Nachman Chatufa was born to Rabbi Pinchas and Rachel of Kifar Bar'am after years of being childless. Right after birth the newborn began speaking, revealing mysteries of the Torah. His father reprimanded him and Nachman remained mute until he turned twelve years old. After the pleadings of Rachel that Pinchos once again enable the child to speak, Nachman began to reveal 5 prophecies of the future that were recorded in Aramic in the book Nevuat HaYeled. Nachman Chatufa passed away shortly after this and was buried in Baram.

[edit] Kever Nachman Chatufa

Nachman Chatufa is buried in Baram along with his father Pinchas who passed away after him. There is a disagreement between Yisroel Meir Gabbai / Ohalei Tzadikim and Kadmonanue regarding the exact location of kever Nachman Chatufa. Gabbai places the Kivarim a few meters away from his version of Esther HaMalka and Mar Zutra in a double stone coffin that lays sunk in the ground. Kadmonanue place the kever near their version of Mar Zutra, further up the road.

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