Shevuel ben Gershom

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Shevuel Ben Gershom שבואל בן גרשום - Was the grandson of Moshe Rabbenu. He lived a very long life, first serving as the Livite priest for the idol of Micha due to a miscalculation he made in his grandfather's teachings. Later King Dovid made an effort to repent him, seeing that he was hungry for money, he appointed him as the national treasurer. During the reign of Shlomo he was dismissed from his position and returned to his bad ways, becoming a false prophet. When Ido Hanavi came to prophesie against Yeravam ben Nivat, Shevuel falsely prophesied to him convincing him to go against the word of Hashem and remain in the 'Kingdom of Yosroel' for a meal. When Ido was killed by a lion in retribution, Shevuel requested that he be buried in his vicinity.

[edit] False Prophet

At the time Shevuel was residing in Beit El

[edit] Kever Shevuel Ben Gershom

Shevuel Ben Gershom is buried in the Banias, his grave is considered a holy place for the Druzim who refer to the tomb as 'Sultan Ebraham Eladham'.

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