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Yoel Hanavi ben Petuel was a prophet who lived either during the reign of Yehorum ben Achav or during the time of Minashe king of Yehuda. According to the second opinion he was a student of Micha and prophesised at the same time as Nachum and Chavakuk. Regardless, he was a reincarnation of Yoel son of Shmuel Hanavi. During his time, Israel was attacked with a mixed swarm of locust that ate all foliage. His prophesies are recorded in the second book of the Teri Asar. Its first two chapters deal with the plague of the locust and the last two about vengeance against the nations at the End of the Days.

[edit] Plague of the Locust

The plague of locust during the time of Yoel was the largest to ever have ocured throughout world history. It was even greater then the 'Plague of Locust' in Egypt but unlike that incident which involved only one type of locust, the swarms during the time of Yoel were composed of multiple species. After the Jews repented the month of Adar passed without rain. When the first rain arrived during Nissan, Yoel instructed the nation to take their remaining grains and plant them. When the people complained that would leave them without any food and planting them would be the equivalent of death through starvation. Despite this they listened to the Navi who insisted they carry out his initial instructions and planted their last edibles. A double miracle then occurred; they found seeds in the cracks and walls of their homes allowing them to live a little longer and the seeds they planted sprouted in the short period of eleven days, yielding the crops that would normally take six months to produce.

[edit] Kever Yoel HaNavi

Yoel HaNavi is buried in Gush Chalav although the exact location is debated between Gabbai and Kadmonenue.

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