Yeshayahu HaNavi

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The Prophet Yeshayahu
Yeshayahu HaNavi
ישעיהו הנביא
Other Names:
Yeshayahu the Prophet, Isaiah, Yeshayahu ben Amotz
Yishayahu, Hnavi
One of the main prophets of the Nation of Yisroel.

Yeshayahu ben Amotz HaNavi was one of the leading prophets of Israel and author of the Book of Yeshayahu. His daughter married King Chizkiyahu and gave birth to King Menashe who eventually killed his grandfather.

[edit] Kever Yeshayahu HaNavi

Kever Yeshayahu HaNavi is located in Baram according to Kadmonenue and all traditional sources. Yisroel Meir Gabbi and Ohali Tzadikim say that this tradition is based on a misprinting in the journals of early pilgrims to Kivrei-Tzadikim and the current location of kever Yeshayahu HaNavi is unknown.

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