Rabbi Binyamin Bar Yafes

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Rabbi Binyamin Bar Yafes was a third generation Amora living in Eretz Yisroel. He was a student of Rabbi Yochanan and Rabbi Elazar Ben Pedas. He is mentioned 15 times in the Talmud Bavli quoting his rabbis, and a few times in the Talmud Yerushalmi. Rabbi Binyamin Bar Yafes was a friend of Rabbi Chiya Bar Abba.

[edit] Student of Rabbi Yochanan

Rabbi Binyamin Bar Yafes was a student of Rabbi Yochanan and would often recite his teachings. Nevertheless he was not considered to be as devoted of a student as Rabbi Chiya Bar Abba was and when they would disagree in what their master said, the opinion of the latter was accepted.

[edit] Teachings

Yackov bowed down to his son Yosef as the saying goes "Even a fox, at the time of his success, bow to him"

[edit] Kever Rebbe Binyamin Bar Yafet

Rabbi Chaim Vital writes in the name of the holy Ari that Rabbi Binyamin Bar Yafet is buried in Tzfat. Although the exact location is not known, Yisroel Meir Gabi narrows it down to the valley between Keren Hayesod street and Meor Hachaim Street in Darom Tzfat right across form the Misrad Havoda government employment office.

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