Rabbi Yossi ben Chalafta

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Rabbi Yossi ben Halafta
Rabbi Yossi ben Halafta
רבי יוסי בן חלפתא
Other Names:
Rebbe Yossi
Yossi, Yose, Yosi, Jose, Chalafta, Halafta
Kfar Chananya
15th of Tammuz
A 4th generation Tana, often mentioned in the Mishnah.

Rabbi Yose ben Chalafta was a fourth generation Tana and one of the most mentioned Sages in the Mishna, where he simply referred to as Rabbi Yossi. A leading student of Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Yosi was friends with Rabbi Yehuda, Rabbi Shimon and Rabbi Meir and the Halacha is ruled in his favor in all his arguments with them. Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi was one of his main students. After receiving Semicha from Rabbi Yehudah ben Bava, an offense carrying capital punishment by the Roman government, Rebbe Yossi ben Halafta fled to Asia, remaining there until the death of Hadrian. As a result of the same incident that sent Rabbi Shimon bar Yochi into hiding, Rabbi Yosi was exiled to his home town of Tziori for keeping silent and not praising the Romans. In Tziori Rabbi Yossi ben Chalafta served as the leader of the community and established a large Yeshiva. He is the author of the Briysa 'Seder Olam'. Rabbi Yose is buried in Kfar Chananya right near his father Abba Chalafta.


[edit] Youth

[edit] The Torn Scroll

In his youth Rabbi Yossi ben Chalafta once had a Torah argument with Rabbi Elazer ben Shamua in a Tveria Beis Knesset. During the heat of their debate a Torah scroll became torn. Rabbi Yossi ben Kisma who witnessed the event, responded "I would be surprised if this Bet Knesset does not turn into a house of idolatry" and that is what happened.

[edit] Teachings

Stumbling Like Blind Man in the Dark - His entire life Rabbi Yossi failed to understand the verse "and you will stumble in the afternoon like a blind man stumbles in the darkness" for what difference does it make for a blind man whether it is light or dark, regardless he can not see. Until Rabbi Yosi once chanced upon a blind man holding a torch. To Rabbi Yosi's request of what good the torch did for him, the blind man replied; that as long as he held the torch others were able to see him and assist him from pits and thorns.

[edit] Kever Rabbi Yose ben Chalafta

Rabbi Yosi ben Chalafta is buried in the Kfar Chananya area right after the turn from the Chalafta junction. He is buried a few feet from his father Abba Chalafta. In the Tziyun of Rabbi Yosi there are two kevarim, Rabbi Yossi being the one on the right with the smaller cover. Originally the larger cover belonged to Rabbi Yossi but it was exchanged during the building of the initial Tziyun. On the left side of Rabbi Yossi is buried either a brother, son or student of unknown name. For years it was mistakenly assumed that this kever belonged Rabbi Shimon ben Chalafta, a younger brother or according to some opinions a grandson of Rabbi Yossi. This however is not true since according to the Arizal he was buried in Tzefat in the vicinity of the ancient cemetery. Near these kivarim still stands an ancient large tree that was inscribed in diaries of visitors hundreds of years back.

[edit] Hillulah of Rabbi Yossi ben Chalafata

A Hillulah was created for Abba Chalafta and his son Rabbi Yossi on the 15th of Tammuz.

[edit] Directions

Geographic Coordinates

  • Latitude: 32.920799
  • Longitude: 35.417275

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