Rabbi Yosef Ohayon

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Rabbi Yosef Ochayon
Rabbi Yosef Ochayon
הרב יוסף אוחיון
? - 26 August 1956 (כט' אב תשט"ז) Tiznit, Morocco
Ochayon, Ochyan, Ohayon, Josef
Old Tzfat Cemetery
29th of Av
A Marocan Kabbalist that is now buried in the Tzfat cemetery.

Rabbi Yosef Ohayon was a known kabbalist and a dayan in the bati dinim of Itzrar and Tiznit, Morocco. During the day he worked as a merchant and with all his free time studied Torah. Rabbi Yosef Ochayan is buried in the ancient Tzfat cemetery.


[edit] Life

Rabbi Yosef Ohayon was born in Morocco to his father Rabbi Mordachi. His concentration while studying Torah was so intense that a number of times expensive objects were stolen from his home as he remained immersed in his studies. He had many students who would gather in his home to study Torah.

[edit] Mohel

Rabbi Yosef Ohayon was a mohel and would often risk his life traveling to far out villages in the Moroccan deserts to circumcise newborn Jewish babies, taking no payment for his services.

[edit] Kabbalist

Rabbi Yosef Ohayon was very knowledgeable in Kabbalah. Despite his expertise in the Practical Kabblah he did not use it for personal benefit but only in situations to help people that were unfairly robbed. There are stories where he temporarily gave people invisible powers to retain stolen objects.

[edit] Sefarim

Rabbi Yossef Achyan authored 'Avkat Rochel', a commentary on Midrashim of Chazal and 'Imrei Yosef'.

[edit] Od Yossef Hai

The Od Yosef Chi foundation was created by Rabbi Yaakov Kohen in memory of his grandfather Rabbi Yosef Ohayon. This foundation published a number of books including a comprehensive version of the Chumash.

[edit] Family

Rabbi Yosef Ohayon was married to Sarah. He predicted her death and wrote down the exact date on a piece of paper long before it happened. Rabbi Yaish Cohen and Rabbi Dovid Suvisa were his son-in-laws.

[edit] Kever Rabbi Yossef Ohayon

Rabbi Yossef Ohayon was originally buried in Tiznit, Morocco. Due the exodus of Jews from the area, the plot where Rabbi Yossef Ohayon was buried fell into ruin and was in danger of being destroyed. His descendents led by the Od Yosef Chai foundation received a Halachic ruling permitting them to move the Kever. In 2002 Rabbi Yossef Ohayon was reburied in Eretz Yisroel at the end of the ancient cemetery of Tzfat right near the kever of Rabbi Pinchas Ben Yair.

[edit] Hillulah of Rabbi Yossef Ohayon

The yortzite of Rabbi Yosef ben Mordechi Ochayon is on Kaf Tes Av (29th) on Erev Rosh Chodes Elul.

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