Elisheva Bas Aminadav

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Elisheva Bas Aminadav was the sister of Nachshon and the wife of Aharon HaKohen. Together they has four children Nadav, Avihu, Elazar and Itamar. Elisheva was sister-in-law with Tziporah the wife of Moshe.

She is buried in Teveria in the 'Tomb of the Imahos'.

[edit] Mariage

Before marrying her, Aharon did his research by examining her brother Nachshon who was a very holy and righteous individual. Knowing that a persons children will tend to be like their uncle, Ahron proceeded to marry her. Indeed Ahron who married the daughter of the righteous Tzadik Aminadav, merited Pinchas as as grandson. Moshe on the other hand who married the daughter of the idolatress priest Yisro, had Yonason as a descendant who himself became a priest for idolatrous worship.

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