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Yisro was the father in law of Moshe. Originally he served as an adviser to Pharaoh in Egypt. After he opposed the plan to drown the new born Jews in the Nile River, Yitro was forced to flee to Midyon. There he became the head priest of the country. Eventually Yitro realized the foolishness of idolatry and attempted to retire from his position. When his true intents were realized he was placed in excommunication. After hearing about the splitting of the red sea and the war against Amelek, Yisro traveled to the Jewish encampment in the desert and converted to Judaism.

[edit] Seven Names of Yitro

  1. Yisro (יִתְרוֹ) - An upgrade of his previous name Yeser, he had a letter 'vav' added to his name following his conversion and fulfillment of the commandments.[1]
  2. Yeser (יֶתֶר) - Because he caused an extra section to be added to the Torah regarding his system of national juridical support.[1]
  3. Reuel - Possibly was also[2] the name of his father.[1]
  4. Chovav (חוֹבָב) - Since he loved the Torah.[1]
  5. Chever[1]
  6. Kani[1]
  7. Putiel[1] - Because he fattened calves for idolatrous sacrifices (Pitem / פִּטֵּם). [3]

[edit] Kever Yitro

Yisro is buried in Kfar Cheitim, Israel.

[edit] References

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