Yonasan Ben Uziel

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Yonatan Ben Uziel
Kever Yonason ben Uziel
התנא יונתן בן עוזיאל
Yonason, Yonatan, Jonathan ben Uzziel
26th of Sivan
A Mishna-Era Rabbi and leading student of Hillel the Elder.

Yonasan Ben Uziel was a first generation Tana and the greatest of Hillel the Elder's eighty students. He lived right before the destruction of the Second Temple, authored the Targum on Navi and was considered to be one of the greatest mystics of his generation. Many singles visit his Kever in Amuka as a Segulah for finding their soulmate.


[edit] Targum Yonason

Tzion Yonason ben Uziel.
Yonasan Ben Uziel created an Aramaic translation to Navi based on the traditions that were passed down to him from the last prophets Chagi, Zicharya and Malachi. Unlike Targum Ankelus, Targum Yonason is more then just a translation and often gives commentary on the verses. This work contains many deep Kabalistic mysteries including the methods needed to attain the level of prophesy.

When Yonasan Ben Uziel finished the Targum, a massive earthquake shook Israel and a Bas Kol sounded and said "Who is the one that has revealed my mysteries to the humans". Yonatan Ben Uziel stood up and appeased the heavens, declaring that he had not done this for his honor or the honor of his family but only to prevent future controversy amongst the Jewish nation.

Currently the Targum Yonatan is printed in most sets of Navi that include commentary, on the sides of each page.

[edit] Targum on Ketuvim

Near Biriya forest.
Yonasan Ben Uziel also intended on creating a Targum for Ketuvim but was prevented by a heavenly voice that warned him against revealing its mysteries, since the Ketuvim contain secrets of the final redemption.

[edit] Targum Yonason on Torah

A Targum on the Torah that is mistakenly attributed to Yonason ben Uziel, was not authored by him and contains many style variations from his Targum on Navi. It was either created by a sage living during the era of the Geonim who was named after Yonatan ben Uziel or it is a mislabeled version of Targum Yerushalmi.

[edit] Greatness

[edit] Student of Hillel

Hillel the Elder had many students which were led by a group of 80 elite students. Yonasan Ben Uziel was the greatest of this group and Rabbi Yochanan ben Zaki who knew all the mysteries of the Torah and creation was the lowest. Yonasan Ben Uziel belonged to the upper portion of this group, composed of 30 elite students that were worthy of having the Shichina rest upon them like Moshe, were it not for the sins of the generation. Having been part of the earlier generations of Sages, Yonasan Ben Uziel is not given the title 'Rebbe' since their very names alone were greater then even the highest of rabbinic titles 'Rabban' which was given only to the Nassi.

[edit] Leading Kabbalist

Yonasan Ben Uziel was one of the leading Kabbalists of his generation, he had a direct tradition of these mysteries from the last Prophets. In the 'Greater Hechalot' we find Yonasan Ben Uziel along with other leading Sages, sitting at the feet of Rebbe Nichunya ben Hakana as he explained the 'Workings of the Merkava'.

[edit] Shammai

The Kever.
Yonasan Ben Uziel belonged to the school of Bais Hillel but had interactions with Shammai. Once a certain man wished to disown his children due to their inappropriate behavior, instead bequeathing all his positions to Yonasan Ben Uziel, despite his initial refusal to accept them. Knowing that Shammai would prevent him from giving the inheritance back to the children, insisting that he follow the orders of their dead father, Yonasan Ben Uziel sold a third of the assets, donated a third to the Temple and gave the remaining third back to the children. When confronted by Shammai, Yonasan Ben Uziel responded that just like his sale and donation could not be reverted so too the gift he gave to the children. Shammai was forced to admit defeat.

[edit] Torah That Burnt Birds

When Yonasan Ben Uziel studied Torah he would attain it on the level that it was revealed on Mount Sinai. Since the Torah on Sinai was given through burning fire, any bird that flew within his four cubits would immediately get burnt by the angels that surrounded him to hear the Torah. Another manifestation of this was any untrue thought occurring as he analyzed Torah would immediately get pushed out of his mind. Additionally any Sage that disagreed with him in Halacha would immediately realize that he was incorrect, without the need for an expanded argument.

[edit] Kever Yonason ben Uziel

In midst of Amukah.
Yonason ben Uziel is buried in Amuka in Northern Israel. His Kever is often visited by singles searching for a merit that will lead them to their soulmate and childless couples. Also buried nearby is the Tana or Amora Mokrat.

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[edit] Shadchan

There is a tradition that praying at the Kever of Yonason ben Uziel is auspicious for helping a person find his zivug. Numerous couples recite stories how they met due to the merit of Yonason ben Uziel, after praying at his Tzion. Some couples directly credit him as their Shadchan. Although there is no known source for the above, it was most probably revealed to various Kabbalists over the years through mystical revelations. It is rumored that Yonason ben Uziel never got married himself and before he passed away promised to help all singles that came to him looking for marriage partners.

[edit] Hillulah of Yonason Ben Uziel

Each year the Hillulah of Yonason Ben Uziel falls out on Chaf Vav Sivan, the 26th of the month. Many people travel to his Kever in Amuka on this day.

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