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Yocheved was the daughter of Levi ben Yackov. She married her nephew Amram and had three children; Miriam, Aharon and Moshe.


[edit] Shifra

Yocheved served as the head midwife in Egypt and was known as Shifra since she would straighten the limbs of the newborns and beautify them. Additionally the name Shifra was alluding to her part in the multiplying of the Jewish Nation (Parah Vrava). Yocheved was assisted in her work by her daughter Miriam who went by the name Puah and sometimes by her daughter-in-law Elisheva bas Aminadov.

[edit] Disobeying Pharaoh

In effort to prevent the birth of the Jewish redeemer, Pharaoh commanded Shifra and Puah to kill all new born males during delivery. Despite the danger to their lives Shifra disobeyed Pharaoh and also refused his request to sin together.

[edit] Divorce

When Pharaoh decreed that all newborn males should be drowned in the Nile, Amrom saw no reason to continue having children and divorced Yocheved. Upon seeing this action of their spiritual leader, all Jews proceed to divorce their wives. Miriam rebuked her father saying his decree was worse then Pharaoh's since his decree was only against the males while Amram prevented all births. Amram accepted the rebuke and remarried Yocheved, causing the entire Nation to follow suit and remarry their wives.

[edit] Kever Yocheved

Yocheved is buried in Tveria in the 'Tomb of the Imahos' along with Avigayil, Tzipora, Elisheva, Billa and Zilpa.

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