Rabbi Yitzchak from the Zohar

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Rebbe Yitzchok from Zohar
Rabbi Yitzchak from Meron
רבי יצחק מהזוהר
Yitzchak, Yitzchok, Yitzhok
Wadi Amud, Tzfat
Lag Baomer, 18th of Iyyar
A leading student of Rebbe Shimon bar Yochi, often mentioned in the Zohar.

Rabbi Yitzchak from the Zohar was one of the main students of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and is often quoted throughout the Zohar. He was one of the six students to survive the gathering of the Idra Rabba. When the angel of death came to take Rebbe Yitzchak from this world, his teacher Rebbe Shimon saved him through his prayers accepting upon himself as a grantor on his life. Rabbi Yitzchock passed away on the same day as his teacher, on Lag Baomer the 18th of Iyyar and was buried in Wadi Amud underneath Tzfat.


[edit] Charity

Once a pauper possessing only a silver coin worth half a Ma'ah (currency used at the time) passed in front of Rebbe Yitzchak. He requested that Rebbe Yitzchak contribute and supplement this amount, allowing his family to survive. Rebbe Yitzchak replied that all he had was an additional half a Ma'ah and even were he to give that, it would not be sufficient for the family's survival. After the pauper responded; that combined with his own half a Ma'ah he will be able to manage, Rebbe Yitzchak pulled out his coin and handed it to him.

They showed Rebbe Yitzchak in a dream that he was passing on the shore of the Great Ocean and they were trying to throw him inside. He saw Rebbe Shimon stretch out his hand but he as unable to reach it. Suddenly the pauper came and saved him, pulling him out of the ocean and handing him to Rebbe Shimon. When he awoke, the following verse fell into his mouth, "Fortunate is he who considers the poor; on a bad day Hashem will rescue him."[1][2]

[edit] Kever Rabbi Yitzchak from the Zohar

Kever Rabbi Yitzchok is described by Rabbi Chaim Vital as was revealed to him by the Arizal as being in Wadi Amud underneath Tzfat above the Kever of Rebbe Abba and directly across from the Kever of Rabbi Nechunya ben HaKane. There is a common misconception that Rabbi Yitzchok from the Zohar is buried in Meron in the courtyard of the Rashbi. However that Rabbi Yitzchock must be a different Tana.

[edit] Hillula of Rabbi Yitzchak from the Zohar

Rabbi Yitzchok passed away on the same day as his teacher Rabbi Shimon bar Yochi on Lag Baomer, 18th of Iyyar.

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[edit] References

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