Rabbi Yehoshua of Sakhnin

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Rabbi Yehoshua D'Sakhnin (רבי יהושע דסכנין) was a forth generation Eretz Yisroel Amora. He was a student of Rabbi Levi and a friend of Rabbi Yossi of Malachia. Often can be found quoting the Aggadic words of his teacher throughout the Talmud Yirushalmi and Midrashim. In the Talmud Bavli, Rabbi Yehoshua of Sakhnin is mentioned only once. He was the spiritual leader of the town of Sichnin and was buried there upon his passing.

[edit] Kever Rabbi Yehoshua of Sachnin

Rabbi Yehoshua of Sachnin is buried in the village of Sakhnin along with Rabbi Shimaya Chasida and Rabbi Shimon of Sachnin. Local Arab residents call the tomb 'Nabi A Sadik'.

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